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To Book and Pay for a Class or Course, please go here to my booking platform: (kindness Credit Payment option coming soon to this platform)

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All of my Offerings are 10% Cheaper when paying with ∞KC. All info about ∞KC is on my Space Cake website.

Space Cake is also where you can purchase Yoga Props and other Soft Furnishings 🙂 Made by me!

See you on the Mat or a Dancefloor this summer somewhere! 😉

I share the same Calendar with All of My other Work, which includes Web Design and WordPress Tuition, Sewing and Live Tech Support.

Jisti for 1-2-1 and Group Yoga
(no time limit)
Discord for 1-2-1 and Group Yoga
(no time limit)
Zoom for 1-2-1 Yoga and Group Classes
(max 40 mins)

Please check out my Prices page, for full list of Classes and costs.

And last but not least… Please read my Yoga T&C’s. Thank You.

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