Relaunch Revamp and Lets Go!

Relaunch Revamp and Lets Go!

I have rebuilt my website (again) and have got myself back in my game with my Yoga. I really struggled with many things over the last 2 years, and Yoga was one of them. The sadness took over for a while, but I am back in the room now, and it feels good.

I am just about ready to teach again!

The last 2 years have been tough for every single human on Earth.

2 years ago, I had a venue set up and was just about ready to go with classes in the February of 2020. The venue had to close, like many other buildings and businesses over the last 2 years, they were forced to close their doors and sell up.

So I am now looking to start community yoga classes and seeking a new venue.

I offered some online Yoga last year in the Spring, and it was a pleasure to do this during the many months that the world stood still.

My Summer, Autumn and Winter of 2021 were a mix of caring fro my best freind who died of cancer, supporting and caring for her, until her last breath, followed by grief, then the festivals began… and finally some fun, lots of it, including finding Love, which then was followed by heartache and then I had one massive melt down.

The winter months of 2022 were dark and I fell into a hole and buried myself for a while, in this place I spent a few months doing Shadow Work.

It is now Spring and I can feel myself coming back to life, the Shadow work is not complete yet, but I can see and feel the light returning, which is a blessing.

So it’s now time to get moving again, for all of us to find our flow, and regain our standing in this world.

Too much external influence has stolen our freedoms and power, it’s now time to reclaim it all back.

I for one, have been through an enormous amount of stress and grief, a collective grief has occurred all over the planet, it is now time for us all to heal, grow and move on.

It is time to let go of the past, as we do everyday and in every moment, and get jiggy with it once more 😉

Welcome to Rockstar Yoga’s new website, the party has officially re-started! 😉 haha

About Cake

About Cake

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